Design & Quality

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SMF Asia Pacific has a team of dedicated design engineers lead by our Design Manager who has over 20 years of experience in Product Design and Development. As part of BSW Group, we also have the design input and experience from across the world.

All designs are carried out using the latest 3D modelling and rendering software. We have 3D printing facility in house to be able to produce complex designs to test in reality.

We are a design centered company and truly believe in smart design solutions to achieve the most sleak appearance possible. With many years of experience in the real world, we are very aware of the maintenance and future proofing required to ensure all out products last for years.


We have a wide range of CNC controlled machinery which covers Laser, Plasma, Water Jet for cutting, Bending and folding on 8 axis pressbrakes, machining centres for drilling, routing, notching. These all ensure that all parts are produced as the 3D model intended.

Using our dedicated team of QA engineers lead by our QA Manager who has worked SMF for 20 years, we inspect and test assembly all parts during production.

Using the latest technology, all inspections, testing, assembling is all digitally recorded and photographed.

Shipping & Packing

We have been packing and shipping products around the world for over 20 years. All products are clearly marked and identified. Packed in specially designed stillages to maximize the available space inside shipping containers.

All products wrapped and protected against damaged during shipping to ensure everything arrives as it should.

All packing lists are fully detailed and photographed during packing and on final loading to ensure all parts are recorded. All packing lists are sent by email, so you know what is arriving before it arrives.