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SMF has been designing and supplying shelters for all types of uses for the world market. Shelters can be provided for Bus, Train or Tram stops as well as a wide range of other uses from smoking shelters, cycle shelters or security check points to name a few.

These shelters can be provided with advertising panels built in or with separate advertising panels either static or digital. Using the latest LED technology and modern Lithium Ion batteries, these can even be powered using Solar panel systems. This allows much greater flexibility on location of the shelters, without the need for expensive power connections.

Using this LED technology, we achieve the best display quality as well as long term operational efficiency.

With the increase of Smart City connectivity, we have been able to include many of the latest additions to the humble bus shelter. These are now becoming modern waiting places which can include Wi-Fi, updated travel information, air pollution monitoring stations as well as integrated displays.

With the new range of shelters, we have improved the vandal resistance with sleek design appearance with little or no visible fixings. These shelters look an interesting and smart piece of street furniture well worthy of its place in the urban environment.

We produce a range of standard shelters as well as custom-designed shelters to client’s requirements.